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Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to bring you true old world recipes that will delight the most fastidious of palates.
To use the finest and freshest ingredients in every recipe we prepare. To serve you with honor and professionalism.
To remain consistent with the quality of our food and service. To create an ambiance that is aesthetically and visually pleasing.
To remain steadfast in adhering to our principals.

Chef Michele Lepore was born and raised in Mola di Bari, Italy and attended the Culinary Institute “Armando Perotti” in Bari. Michele worked more than seven years in different Regions of Italy, perfecting his culinary skills and genuine flavor of each dish. He worked diligently toward his dream of someday becoming a chef in one of New York City’s finest restaurants.

With unyielding perseverance and never loosing sight of his goal, Michele accomplished his dream. Now, after thirty years as a Chef for the finest restaurants in New York, Chef Michele wants to utilize his knowledge and expertise to bring a greater dimension of Original Italian Cuisine to Westchester.

Chef Michele is very passionate about his culinary creations and adamant about preserving the Old Fashion Italian Traditions. He carefully selects the freshest and choicest ingredients for his original recipes and cooking techniques, constantly perfecting consistency, quality and presentation.

“Our pastas and desserts are all hand-made from scratch
using original recipes with the freshest and finest ingredients”


Chef Michele Lepore


General Manager, Domenico Berardini born in Sannicandro, Bari Italy, has over over forty years experience in the restaurant business. Domenico was introduced to the world of dinning by his Aunt, who hand-made pasta for the local restaurants. His love and passion for the business drove him to learn and experience every aspect of running a restaurant. His diligence and attention to the smallest detail has made him an expert in his field that facilitated his entrance to work for the top restaurants in New York City.

Domenico brings his expertise to Toscana Ristorante insuring that the highest quality of service is provided for their customers. The easiness of the dining room, the timing in which the food arrives at the table, the pleasantness of the waiter down to the settings on the table, is all-dependent on Domenico’s efficiency and expertise. Domenico’s ultimate goal is to utilize his skills and knowledge of customer satisfaction to create a memorable dining experience.


General Manager, Domenico Berardini


Sommelier/Manager, Francesco Trotta was born in Gravina di Puglia, Bari Italy. For 15 years, Francesco has shown ‘passione’ for wine, creating a list of the best vintages and pearing wine to various menus.

Francesco’s knowledge and appreciation of wine began at a very young age. As a child, he worked in the family’s vineyards, harvesting the grapes, which produced a full body wine for his family’s enjoyment. Francesco’s passion grew, as did his knowledge, which lead him to a formal education and accreditation as a Certified Sommelier.

His knowledge and experience of what makes a desirable wine has qualified him to select some of the finest wines from Italy and California for Toscana Ristorante’s Wine List. Francesco explains that because wine changes from year to year, the challenge lies in knowing the history of the wine and finding the best region that had the best season. The dryer the weather, the better the wine.


Sommelier/Manager, Francesco Trotta

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